Using Vitamin C

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People who take vitamin C should consume it according to the details on the label and as recommended by their doctor knowledge. By not eating more than the prescribed amount to prevent possible side effects. It is usually taken after meals, approximately 1–4 times a day, depending on indications. 

For those who forget to eat that meal, if you remember, eat it immediately. But if you see that you have been away for a long time, you can skip eating it at the next meal.  UFABET There is no need to increase the amount eaten in the next meal to replace the missed meal.

Interactions between vitamin C and other drugs

People who take medicine in the following groups You should inform your doctor or pharmacist first.

  • Medicines containing iron 
  • Medicines that contain aluminum, such as antacids
  • Aspirin 
  • Medicines that contain estrogen, such as some birth control pills.
  • Other medicines, such as certain cancer medicines Fluphenazine,  Warfarin, Indinavir, Levothyroxine and Niacin.

In addition to the medicines mentioned above There may also be other medicines that can affect the way both the medicine and vitamin C work as well. People who are taking any medicines, including herbal products and dietary supplements, should inform their doctor or pharmacist. before