Rules of the Dragon Tiger game.

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Dragon Tiger’s rule is simple. During the Dragon Tiger game round two cards are dealt. One card to the Dragon betting position. and one for the Tiger betting position. Regardless of the suit, the position that reveals the highest valued card wins.

Your goal is to bet on Dragon or Tiger and hope that the card you bet on wins. Additional tie bets are available. It pays if Tiger and Dragon show the same cards. In the event of a tie, players who bet on Dragon or Tiger will lose only half their initial bet. Card rankings are based on other card games. Starting with Ace being the lowest card and King being the highest card UFABET 

How to win in Dragon Tiger game.

Increase your chances of winning the Dragon Tiger game. Out of all the strategies for winning tiger and dragon games available online, there is only one that really works and that is to bet on tiger or dragon. These bets have the greatest chance of winning. It has almost a 50% chance of winning and also consider that you will get half of your stake back if there is a tie. While side bets are considered a technique by some casino players. We only recommend side bets for fun. Do not rely on such bets to make you win or to stabilize your capital.