Lewandowski insists he didn’t react to referee after sending off.

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Robert Lewandowski insisted he did not act in disrespect for referee Jesus Kiel Manzano. Who sent him off against Osasuna football team on Tuesday.

Barcelona’s Polish striker Robert Lewandowski spoke. After the Golden Booth Gala about being sent off in their 2-1 win over Osasuna on Saturday. Tuesday’s Liga campaign could see him hand a three-four-match ban for his subsequent gestures. Cadena Ser reported on Wednesday UFABET

Lewandowski was send off in the 31st minute after receive a second yellow card. The 34-year-old receive his first yellow card in the 11th minute for a foul on Nacho Vidal. Before he fouled David Garcia 20 minutes later. Which saw the Pole striker serve a one-match ban game automatically. But he could be suspend for an additional three or four games for his behavior. After making an appearance as he walked off the pitch with a nose tap. And seemingly pointing at referee Jesus Kiel Manzano who had just dismissed him.

However Lewandowski explain that his actions were not intend to insult the referee. And the gestures show are actions towards Trainer Xavi Hernandez only. 

Lewandowski explains.

‘About that gesture It’s even funny because last week I’m talking to Xavi. That in the future it could happen. When I see a yellow card and I have to go [sacked] if I get another yellow card. And it would be difficult I have a feeling it could happen.’

‘And after what happen I gave this gesture to Xabi, not to the referee. It’s a huge difference. It’s as if ‘what we talk about Today has happen.”

‘That gesture is for my trainer. not for referees It’s not that I’m saying anything to the referee or joking. It’s that I’m saying that I have a feeling that. What I’ve said will happen tonight. It’s not for the referee.’ said the 34-year-old striker.