Gary Neville doesn’t believe in Arsenal cleaner to win the championship.

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Gary Neville does not believe Arsenal will threaten Manchester City’s chances of a third successive Premier League title. Even if Mikel Arteta’s side are currently top of the table anyway.

The former Manchester United right-back has confirmed to The Overlab that the Gunners have shown in recent years that they are prone to shock towards the end of the season. and until they can prove themselves He would also be skeptical of the history of the club.

Arsenal emerged as a surprise contender for the title. Since the undefeated season in 2003-04, and although they can maintain their position at the top of the crowd until Christmas If they beat Wolves on Saturday, Neville believes City can still win the title UFABET

“The only thing Arsenal have proved in recent years is that they tend to drop towards the end of the season. Until I saw that they weren’t like that. I still have my doubts. Why wouldn’t I doubt it?”

“Manchester City will win the Premier League. With a point gap of 10-15 points this season I’ve seen it before when you have such a great team, we had that a few times against Man United when I was playing. You know there are teams that are not ready to go all out and challenge the top teams.”

“If Arsenal did that, it would be unbelievable. And I want City to be crushed, but it’s not going to happen.