Dragon Tiger Options.

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The Dragon Tiger Options is to guess which hand between Dragon and Tiger will have the highest card. Before the cards are dealt. You must bet on Dragon, Tiger or Tie. Dealer will deal one card to Dragon and Tiger. For example, if you bet on Dragon and the Dealer deals 9 to Dragon and 4 to Tiger, you win your bet. no tie bet and both cards for Dragon and Tiger have equal value. You will lose half of your bet. Both Dragon and Tiger bets pay out at 1:1.

If you bet on Tie, both Dragon and Tiger must have the same point value. Tie bets typically pay 8:1, but this can be higher depending on where you are playing. The tie bet has a large payout. But it has a house hand of 32.7% UFABET 

The other two betting options in Dragon Tiger are Big and Small and a decent tie. in small bets You can bet if the Tiger or Dragon card has a value below 7. You can bet if the Tiger or Dragon card will be higher than 7. If you place any of these bets and the card is 7, it’s a losing bet.

The proper tie bet is the bet on the Dragon Tiger that pays the most. But it also has the largest house edge. in this bet You not only bet on a draw but a tie is appropriate. Therefore the value of the cards must be the same and the same suit of golf clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades. An example of a proper tie bet would be if the Tiger and Dragon both had 5 of spades. The optimal odds are generally 50:1 but can go as high as 60:1 depending on where you are playing.