Baccarat Forms.

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Some players mistakenly understand how to play baccarat card games. How to draw Baccarat Forms and how to order. Bets must be placed on the player’s side. The banker’s side or a tie. The software developers have created Baccarat card game interfaces. That are easy to understand because the tables are displayed automatically. However understanding Baccarat Forms to play and keep practicing will increase your chances of winning more.


Playing baccarat and found that there is a round ball. On the screen there are many names such as fish eggs, beads, dice, balls, spheres. Which these balls or spheres are use to tell the result that the player side or the banker side wins. And these spheres will have different colors:UFABET 

  • Blue = Player Wins
  • Red = Banker wins
  • green = always

The roe will start from the top left hand corner and continue down to the top right.

The largest table.

The ‘Biggest Table’ or ‘Big Road’ is a grid showing Player and Banker bet winnings. In how to play baccarat, green means always. The player will be blue and the dealer will be red. Within the circle of three colors. There will be numbers showing the card points obtain. Which knowing this table is another basic method of playing baccarat at the beginning stage.

These markings start in the top left corner and work their way down. Where the winning players are circled in blue. While the banker wins are circle in red. And will continue until the start of a new column. If there are 6 consecutive wins or more. It is called the Dragon Tail or ‘Dragon Tail’.