Ancelotti thinks Benzema’s body trying to save for the World Cup.

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Carlo Ancelotti thinks it’s absurd to have people suspect Karim Benzema trying to save his body for France’s football World Cup finals.

Real Madrid’s Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti has insisted. He has no concerns over Karim Benzema’s fitness problems citing rumors. That the player is trying to preserve his body. The World Cup final is only nonsense. According to a report from Marca on Wednesday. 

Benzema, who was a key player for Real Madrid last season. But the 34-year-old striker has struggled with his fitness and has been unable to play regularly this season. By missing four of the last five games against Real Madrid. Before the World Cup final and only playing 30 minutes in the 5-1 win over Celtic in the Champions League final group stage UFABET

This season, Benzema has started just 11 of 20 games, scoring six goals, before some media reports claim the 34-year-old striker wants to save his body for the World Cup finals. 

‘Nothing bothers me. He still can’t help the team. But he tried He couldn’t come back with this discomfort. So it’s a little bit,’ the Real Madrid coach said of Benzema. 

Asked if Benzema was trying to save himself for the World Cup against France, Ancelotti replied: ‘I have nothing to say about that. First to suffer will be Karim, who will go to the World Cup without the playing time he needs to be at his best. I don’t believe that, it’s nonsense, it’s not a serious problem.’ 

Before the Italian coach insisted that Benzema’s problems would not affect the important tournament in Qatar, ‘no, the latest discomfort was not important. And the truth is it’s just a small matter.’