Ancelotti requested more protection from Vinicius.

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Carlo Ancelotti has asked for more protection and protection for Vinicius Junior. After the Brazilian attacker was target and provoked by opposing football players.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed ahead of Thursday’s La Liga clash with Cadiz. Asking for more protection for Vinicius Junior after the French forward. The Brazilians of the white team have been targeted by rival defensive lines. According to a report from Marca on Wednesday. 

Real Madrid suffer their first defeat on the Liga stage this season UFABET. After the 2-3 defeat to Rayo Vallecano on Monday the past. In which an important player like Vinicius has neither a goal nor an assist in that game. Because the Brazilian attack line has target and provoke by rival players throughout the game. 

‘I agree, it looks like Viny is the trigger. And he was the one who was fouled the most, tackled the most, pushed the most. The reality was different and there was no reason to lose respect for him. whether as a footballer or as a person It’s not just for quality players. You have to have it for everyone. Fair play is common in other countries. It’s probably the most important thing in football.’

Ancelotti also spoke of the heated clash with Vinicius.

Saying he tried to tell the Brazilian forward to calm down. After being taunted by the opponent throughout the game.

‘There he has to improve. Provocation is not fair play. One person enters the field to play football not for provocation. But of course he can improve because he is young and he will do that. He loves football and plays the best he can.’

‘Provocation is not normal. People who do it will not be fair. And it’s hard to teach that. I had to teach him not to interfere. It’s difficult because he thinks football is not provocative.’ said Ancelotti.