Phil C. Solomon Revealed

by Phil C. Solomon

This is my own personal web blog where I opine about healthcare finance and revenue cycle performance. The definition of OPINE (verb \ō-ˈpīn\ opinedopin·ing) is to express opinions of thoughts, ideas, pass along important information. I do so passionately with the best intentions.

It’s been an honor to be associated with the healthcare industry for over 20 years. My tenure working in revenue cycle and healthcare finance has prepared me to support successful engagement conclusions.

I’m a revenue cycle and healthcare finance evangelist who is passionate about helping providers optimize the revenue cycle and financial results.

I’m a fan of leveraging the best technology along with sustainable operational processes to achieve positive outcomes. Without the buy-in of internal staff, no reengineering or optimization project will be successful. This is why I believe in gaining a consensus among the key stakeholders to ensure overall goals and objectives are met.

I advocate for leveraging the right tools and techniques to perform revenue cycle activities and I love to speak about leading practice solutions when anyone will let me borrow the pulpit for a few minutes. I am known for having fun when I speak, demonstrating my passion as I present new ideas and educational information at seminars and keynote addresses. My goal when  speaking is always to give my audience at least one great idea, a golden nugget, a useful strategy they can take back to their organization and put to good use right away.

It’s a pleasure to guide my clients through a process to help them identify and implement leading practice processes and technologies that will offer a true ROI. I’m a believer that the best ideas and positive resolutions come from people who’s organizational cultures are accepting of new concepts and ideas. Incomparable concepts that recoup, enhance or increase performance and financial outcomes, always are identified and initiated by people who are possibility thinkers.

I take pride in my business relationships. To that end, here is what some of my colleagues, clients and business partners have to say about me:

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Sornberger, Lyman
6:45 PM (16 hours ago)

to Phil

I have seen your convictions as well and publications and it is without any reservation that I support you.

Your knowledge of the business would be a value to the industry and I am here to support you.

Lyman Sornberger | Executive Director Revenue Cycle Management CCHS
Cleveland Clinic | 6801Brecksville Rd., RK-10 | Independence, OH 44131
| (216) 445-2664 l Fax (216) 636-8018 | Blackberry (216) 312-9297
Phil C. Solomon
6:37 PM (16 hours ago)



Penny Pearson has sent you a message.                                                                                                                                                                                            Date:9/01/2012                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Subject: RE: Great to connect with you

Thanks Phil,

You have a great wealth of knowledge! I’m glad there are people out there such as yourself that are willing to share and communicate with others within the same industry!

I look forward to future discussions!




@MHExecutive thanks for the retweet! It’s great to be connected to a healthcare leader like you!



Author Marge LaRosa
Comment Thank you so very much for all of your insight and very informative information. I truly appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share.


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