Grateful for America’s Heros – Allowing Us To Pursue Our Healthcare Careers | @philcsolomon

by Phil C. Solomon on October 22, 2012

in Positive Attitude

grat·i·tude  [grati-tood, -tyood] noun – the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Viva La VidaOur daily life as healthcare professionals is filled with deadlines, pressures and stress. We are on such a fast track every day, attempting to keep up with the enormous challenges and changes in our industry, we sometimes forget why we are able to be a part of the best healthcare system in the world.  Our great American hero’s sacrifice their lives to maintain our freedom so we can pursue our lives as we choose. I found this video, shared by MGMA on my eNewspaper, Phil C. Solomon’s Rev Cycle Daily and it was so moving, I thought I would share it with everyone I know. Click on this video link UNFORGETTABLE created as a tribute to our great American Hero’s by Eric Wahl. Enjoy!



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