How will the hospital self-pay financial class be affected if consumer-driven healthcare plans (CDHP) continue to grow? Since consumer-driven plans offer high out-of-pocket costs but lower premiums, they will add to the already growing self-pay population. Becker’s Hospital Review published a unnerving statistic showing that consumer plans grew 13.9 percent in the last year. This was a slower rate of growth than experienced between 2009 and 2010, according to preliminary results from United Benefit Advisors‘ “2011 UBA Health Plan Survey.”

CDHPs now represent nearly 23 percent of health plans offered. The Northeast had the largest concentration of CDHPs (31.3 percent), followed by the Southeast region (27.4 percent). The average cost increase for all CDHPs was 8 percent, which was slightly lower than the average cost increase of all plan types of 8.2 percent. The consumer is paying more for their insurance plan and holds more out of pocket responsibility to the medical provider.

What is your strategy?

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