Unattainable is defined as “not capable of being attained”. I don’t buy into the notion that anything is unattainable. Perhaps that is naive, but that is the way I live my life and it is what keeps me focused on improving revenue cycle processes. Staying positive and always considering the possibilities is the only attitude our colleagues and peers should carry with them every day we enter the field of battle we call our jobs. Those in physician and hospital revenue cycle positions should keep an open mind and consider all the options available to help attain the impossible. Leading practice thinking is how game changing differences are created.

Here are a few considerations regarding improvements which can be made with a Registration QA automated tool. No technology will provide a 100% solution. People are always the key ingredient to gaining results from any technology tool.

Key considerations:
1. The staff immediately makes less errors because they are now being measured.
2. Accountability is embraced across all areas of access, from line staff to directors and executives which ultimately will drive performance improvement.
3. Most don’t talk about the positive reinforcement a tool like Registration QA offers the registration staff . Positive reinforcement improves moral and job satisfaction. That equals better performance.
4. Registration QA should be integrated with an eligibility verification system which is not limited to the number of transactions it can run. Better results are obtained when there are no limits to the number of transactions run. I only know of one company that has crushed the eligibility verification pricing model and offers a salad bar approach – all you can eat or in verification terms, true unlimited transactions at a cost of about 50% less than the other players.
5. Make sure the registration QA tool does not allow registrars to opt out of making the changes necessary to deliver accurate registration information.
5. Registration QA is a journey, not a destination. As healthcare data and payer requirements change, so should your rule based edits. You need a vendor partner who will continue to push out innovation to keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t wait until the end of the quarter for upgrades and innovation to become available. The best registration QA technologies make their upgrades available every day.

The biggest company is not always the best. There are many “boutique” sized companies who offer better products at significantly lower costs. I recommend purchasing the best technology which fits your workflow and culture. Don’t allow the technology to change the way your business office is run. All work flow technologies should support “your” way of doing business. As I stated before, people are the key to getting the most out of a registration QA tool. With proper implementation, results should equal a 95% to 99% accuracy rate.

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