The paradigm continues to shift towards boutique hospital IT solution firms to solve issues created by the complexity of administering the deliver of care

DSH Payment Discovery by Healthcare Payment SpecialistsConsumerism and transparency are rapidly becoming keystone issues when discussing hospital revenue cycle leading practices. Preeminent healthcare organizations have differentiated themselves against their competition by providing preferred costs, high levels of patient satisfaction and vastly improved quality of care.

Payers have now been posting prices on the Web and offering price comparisons. Hospitals and health systems must keep up by offering clear, concise cost information so consumers can compare services and prices.

Consumerism and transparency have become more than just hot buzz words. Hospitals must keep up by integrating the latest revenue-cycle systems. The goal is to integrate the data from revenue-cycle and clinical systems so it can be available at the touch of a button. Since the hospital, information system providers have been unable to keep pace with the demands of the industry, hospital IT executives are employing new “bolt-on” solutions to keep up.

There is no need to accomplish expensive fork-lift replacements of hardware and software systems when there are so many options available, which offer greater flexibility and cost benefits. Generation II hospital IT solutions are rapidly producing cleaner registrations, accurate out of pocket estimates, eliminating lost charges, preventing clinical denials, auditing Medicare, DSH, Transfer DRG’s and shadow billing. In addition, many of these “plug and play” technology systems now integrate with other business intelligence systems, which improve operational performance.  The contributing cost saving solutions help hospital administrators do more with less.

Competition in the hospital IT health information space is heating up, and smaller, more nimble “bouquet” technology and service firms are delivering cost saving and process improvement solutions unlike at any time in the industry’s history.


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